Our Solutions

A Blend of Technologies, Processes, and Materials

Our solutions are engineered to shield key areas such as the head, shoulders, elbows, knees, and any other Body Contour areas. Experience optimized performance and protection across your entire body.

Our technologies

DI Technology

Revolutionizing garment protection

Our DI Technology offers direct injection onto various fabrics or base layers, providing a comfortable fit, maximum flexibility, and breathability. With its smart injected structure, DI Technology enhances flexibility, adaptability, and expandability, ensuring flawless protection that adapts to your body contours. Experience limitless customization possibilities with our DI Technology.


Unleash your potential with fanom®

Designed with an open structure and refined polymeric material, fanom® offers a slim profile and exceptional ventilation. It provides a snug fit, maximum flexibility, and extreme breathability for all body protection needs. With its smart injected structure, fanom® enhances flexibility, adaptability, and expandability, guaranteeing optimal protection that moves with your body. Stay cool, comfortable, and protected with fanom®.

Serpentine Gel

Unmatched comfort and impact absorption

Our highly elastic 3D Serpentine Gel is a breakthrough development in protection. It offers excellent breathability, flexibility, and impact absorption, moving seamlessly with your body during cycling. The unique serpentine geometry and open spaces enhance airflow, ensuring superior ventilation. Experience unparalleled comfort and protection with Serpentine Gel.

Enhancing Performance

YBC’s Integrated Solutions for Body Protection

Anti Vibration
Safeguarding Performance

Sliding Force
Conquering Friction

Shock Force
Shielding from Impact

Elevating Performance and Protection through Innovative Processes


The engineering of the seat pad is divided into two parts: the upper is designed to fit Your Body Contour (YBC®) perfectly, while the high-tech underneath padding features geometric lines created to perfectly match the saddle.
SUPERDIMA allows us to offer the perfect design for producing the most dynamic response while the body is moving.

Carving technology

Through variable compression, the mold deforms the foam while a razor blade removes the unnecessary parts, leaving just the needed amount of foam.
This creates differentiation between the comfort density and the performance density, avoiding stiffness in pressure areas and channels and enhancing breathability and durability as well.

Rounded edges

While the seat pad is being thermoformed, any edges are compressed and cut to cover the foam around the seat pad’s perimeter. This technology allows for any type of stitching and eliminates all chafing.

Elastic mesh cup

The Elastic Mesh Cup was conceived to allow for regular blood flow in the sensitive areas while riding, thanks to a perforated and comfortable housing designed to hold the male privates in an elastic zone, keeping them dry.

This brand-new way of modeling seat pads supports performance because it eliminates the sensations of fatigue and sweat we feel with products that cause constant compression in such a delicate area.

Perforated backing cover

The P.B.C. (Perforated Backing Cover) is made with technical, super-elastic Lycra, which we perforate; this does not at all affect the overall breathability and also maintains the natural flexibility of the seat pad.
The high durability of its structure allows the pad to glide smoothly with the bibshort, perfectly following the movement of the leg while pedaling.

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